Book review; John Ringo’s Live Free or Die

This was a great book that appeals to my Libertarian style mindset. It’s a sci-fi book for people who like hard sci-fi, military fiction, politics and good ole’ human ingenuity. Like the forward said, the book isn’t afraid to get into the hard science. I was okay with that but half the book was characters talking on and on about the science of what was going on.  There’s the story of aliens basically doing a ‘protection’ racket on Earth and Earth (in this case one awesome man) decides to fight back.  The first third of the book was absolutely fantastic. Maple farmers in New England and Canada give the big middle finger to the alien overlords. Loved it. Very heady with the spirit of 1776. The third part of the book was Earth (pushed into doing so by one man) builds a battle station for the eventual alien onslaught they know is coming. It really looked like it was going to build up to something awesome! But then I realize that it’s just the first in a series so I’ll have to wait for the Humans to really kick the Aliens butt.  I’d still suggest it for fans of the genre who love space, sticking it to the man (worth the price of admission) and politics.


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on February 9, 2011.

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