Book Review: Blood in the Water, by Juliet E McKenna.

This was the second in a series. It’s a more realistic form of fantasy that is common, where there are no elves, dwarfs or random monsters. It’s humans with very little magic. The reason I bought the book was because it sounded like a “downtrodden people rise up against the Man” kinda book. My inner revolutionary was disappointed. Instead popular uprising against oppressive nobles, we get a few (wealthy) exiles paying for a mercenary army to invade their former country. My own preconceived notions can’t be held against the book. The good first. The very realistic battles were well done and felt as if they’d been taking right from history. Pikemen vs cavalry and troop movements and formations warmed my little black heart. The military side of the book was excellently done. Brava! However, the characters were shallow. There are so many characters that just as we get to know or start like one, we switch to someone else. There is very little character development. The overall plot is good. Action: A+. Characterization: C. Plot: B.


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on February 16, 2011.

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