Book Review; Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.

First off, I have to say that this is one of those rare books that I literally couldn’t put down. I came home and read it none stop. (Also why there’s not a new chapter of “Shattered Lands” posted.) The characters were great, especially how Sanderson gets into the mind of Viz, the 16 year old protagonist. She lives a hard life on the streets as a member of a thieving crew. We really see how the hardships of her life affect her daily behavior and how she sees the world.
The back story; 1,000 years ago, a great hero rose up to defeat a horrible threat to the world. Sound familiar? However, after saving the world, he then became a tyrannical ruler, called Lord Ruler, and spent the next few centuries erasing all opposition, other religions and cultures and creating a massive slave caste that makes the Antebellum south look like a nation of Fredrick Douglases, Ghandi’s and Martin Luther King’s. Also, he’s just a real jerk. Lord Ruler is their god and is all powerful. However, one man decides to fight back. He forms a plan that’s so ridiculous, impractical and insane….yet it could work and people begin to slowly realize that it might be possible to overthrow the Lord Ruler. Viz thought she was just a street thief, but she soon learns that she’s what they call a “Mistborn,” someone who can use certain metals to power magic. The magic system in this very detailed world is genius. The system works logically and has tight rules, yet within those rules is enormous room for creativity. By the end of the book you’ll wish you were a Mistborn. Some of the best world building I’ve seen and some of the best uses of magic I’ve seen. (Larry Correia’s Hard Magic does have it beat though.) I like the book because of the very “stick it to the man” feel to it. It’s a genuine revolution. (unlike “Blood in the Water” that I reviewed earlier.) I loved this book and highly recommend it. Nah, scratch that. I demand you read it for your own good.

~ by Minimum Wage Historian on March 17, 2011.

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