Sucker Punch

This is one of the absolute coolest movies I’ve ever seen. My mind was blown and my face was melted. It has almost everything I consider to be cool wrapped into one movie. Zack Snyder, the writer/director has outdone himself. The fight choreography was shockingly awesome let alone the combatants involved and the locations. In one part they’re in a steampunk WWI with steam powered german zombies and one of the characters jumps into a cyberpunk power armor while the other girls are going around with modern weapons and tactical gear. Watching power armor taking out hordes of mechanized German zombies was worth the price of the ticket alone. The fight where the two girls are surrounded and fighting off the hunnish horde was brutally tense and violent. Loved it. Then there’s the fight between Babydoll and the three samurai golems. The one with the pole arm was frighteningly fast. It comes at her swinging that telephone pole sized Bisento. Next the other golem pulls out an RPG and then a freaking minigun and goes to town. These aren’t one brief moments of glory, the fight scenes are in depth and very well done. You see and feel every bit of the fight. I won’t get into the dragon fighting the B-25 or anything else. If you don’t think any of the above was cool, you’re not the target audience. This movie isn’t Shakespere; its not supposed to be. What this movie is is a cinematic version of Heavy Metal! And for that, I give it two devil horns way up!


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on March 26, 2011.

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