Conduit, Salt Lake City

At the end of May I’ll be attending Conduit in Salt Lake City where I’ll be a panalist for…I’m still not sure which panels I’ll be on, but I know for certain I’ll be on a military sci-fi panel. This is a convention for sci-fi/fantasy writers.  Many great authors and artists will be there.  The last two conventions I’ve been to have been absolutely amazing.  I’ve met many wonderful and great people.  Also, the biggest revelation to me is; I actually felt like I belonged.  I’ve never felt like that before.  Not at college, not at work and certainly not in the army.  However, being around other writers and artists really made me feel like I’ve found my home. Not even in my beloved Italy did I feel “at home.” I always felt like a guest and a stranger.  However, at these conventions, I aproach and talk to people, I smile (that’s a big one) and I feel what can only be described as “joy.”  The three panels that I really hope to get on is “the state of modern horror, gestures (art), and “the importance of the old classics.  Thanks to Professor Cluff at Southern Virginia University, I really love the old classics.  So, if you like my books, art or web comic, come stop by. It’ll be interesting at the least. If you have any desire to learn to write or do art, I highly suggest you come. There’ll be experts there full of knowledge that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. Also, it’ll be lots of fun.


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on April 8, 2011.

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