Broken World

I’ve added my most recent sci-fi novel to the list. (pages on the right) And yes, I named my blog after this story. The name is one I’ve been using for years as my temporary work in progress name, but it stuck this time. It’s a story of a Native American girl on a backwater colony. She lives alone after her father went off to fight in the endless wars and her mother died. Then the Oligarchy, rebel planets that think an elite upper class should rule, invade her colony. She encounters some students and together they escape the massacre on an old derelict ship. They become mercenaries in order to survive the harsh universe. The Oligarchy’s flagship, the “Lupus Rex” is the largest ship ever constructed. Their encounters with the Lupus Rex are never pleasant but somehow their small, out of date ship must find a way to defeat the most powerful ship in the fleet.


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on April 9, 2011.

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