Mass Effect

Not a movie, book or artwork, but it’s still a very well told Sci-fi story. Mass Effect is a great game that combines first person shooters and RPG’s. The writing in these games is very well done. The dialogue between the characters is well done and gives you a strong sense of the characters. I love the tech in these games. The body armor looks cool, the gun rack with the collapsible guns on your back is a great idea and I wished I had that. At the end of the first game there is an epic battle with a fleet of ships and a sentient machine ship. As far as games go, its one of my top five. (If not top 3) As far as sci-fi goes, its definitely up there. The world building was well thought out as the different alien factions try to compete with one another for petty advantages. While the bureaucracy struggles to maintain their own power, the danger to the universe creeps closer and closer. I never write aliens. There’s no need to because I don’t see aliens doing anything more inhuman that what we’ve already done to ourselves. However, if I were to write aliens, I’d do them like they did in Mass Effect. I would treat them as people. Yes, they may have cultural differences, but they’re still individuals with their own personalities. (Something Fantasy still needs to learn about different species. Not every Elf and Dwarf are alike ya know.)


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on July 10, 2011.

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