Book Review: Mistborn series (spoiler alert!)

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I did a review of the first Mistborn book in which I gushed like a schoolkid trying to talk to his hot English teacher. Yes, I liked it. I friggin’ loved it. But now…(dramatic pause) I present my review of the other two books! Next up was “Well of Ascension.” It started off great.  Brandon Sanderson knows how to catch us up to speed and throw us in the middle of a very tense situation without loosing his readers. The heroes have thrown off the Lord Ruler and are now in charge of the city, but unfortunately the entire rest of the Empire is in total chaos with two large armies coming to besiege the city. Each army is more than capable of taking them, so as the Poet once said, “they’re in deep poo.” * The tension of the situation is great and is really driven throughout the book without becoming repetitious or boring. The desperateness of the situation is very well done and we as the readers really feel like we’re with them, bugs waiting around to get squashed. Vin has some choices to make and Elend has to do a lot of growing up. The main characters each have to figure out who they are in the middle of this war. Oh yeah, then a third army of bestial monsters comes to throw in with the siege of the city. Que Bueno for our heroes! The book concludes with Vin going Medieval, leaping a half mile with a sword bigger than she is like some anime school girl and cutting a dude and his horse in half. And then she accidentally releases an ancient dark god that’s going to destroy the world. In the third book, “The Hero of Ages” The aforementioned dark god is trying to destroy the world by causing the ash to block out the sun, earthquakes, eruptions and rampaging monsters. This is the most complex of the books and everything comes to a head here. If you thought the Well of A. was tense, this one is like that but with the added threat of “the world’s going to end really soon and no matter how hard you work you’re all eventually going to die anyway.” Not very cheery. Spook, who annoyed me in the previous books with his unintelligible talking is actually really cool in this one and I was finding myself hoping for more from him. In this book, they are going around to different supply caches left by the Lord Ruler and thinking “Ya know, maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy!” A premise I very much disagreed with. Yes, maybe he didn’t want everyone to die, but he was still a very bad guy. Allowing a whole race to be enslaved and murdered for sport for the nobility qualifies as a bad guy, I don’t care how good he was at preparing for the end of the world. Great…no, amazing books that I think most people will love. Those that don’t are the ones that would say “but people can’t do that! That’s impossible. I’m going back to reading Dan Brown.” But those people are douches anyway. I can’t recommend these books enough. They literally made me jealous that I can’t write THIS amazing. If you’re a struggling writer you’ll throw these books across the room in frustration that you can’t write this cool. (like I did.)


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on July 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Book Review: Mistborn series (spoiler alert!)”

  1. I just started this series. I’m LOVING it. I’m waiting for a friend to finish her copy of the 2nd book so I can get my hands on it. (As a result, I did not actually read this post. I don’t want to spoil it.) 😀

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