Sandworms of Dune review (spoiler alert!)

I’ve finished the final book in the Dune saga, “Sandworms of Dune.” After decades of waiting to find out what happens, I must say that I was not dissapointed. I’ve seldom read a more thoroughly satisfying ending. It was great to see some of the famous characters from the older books return as clones with restored memories. I just wish they had done more with them but that would have taken another book. Leto II “The Tyrant” was actually pretty cool in this one. He rides giant sandworms into the heart of the machine city. The authors really captured the subtle mannerisms of the Baron Harkonnen and Dr. Yueh. The Machine empire was great. I really wish I read “The Butlerian Jihad.” I normally don’t bother with prequels, but if you are going to read these final books, I’d have to say that it’s essential to read the prequels first. In the series, Dune was destroyed, but this book gives hope that Dune would return to life. I can’t recommend these books enough. I love the Dune universe and I’ve always liked the navigators so it was awesome to see them as the heroes in this. It’s a great end to a great series.


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on September 2, 2011.

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