Uprising Italia

Yup, finally finished my entry into the Uprisng library. My companion novel to Uprising USA and UK by George Hill, has me in Utah with the Mad Ogre himself, but then I go over to Italy to steal…er…I mean, rescue art, eat some good food and kill a lot of zombies.
So, go check if out if you’re into the Uprising world or if you just want to read a good zombie book.
Buy it here on Amazon!


~ by Minimum Wage Historian on January 18, 2012.

8 Responses to “Uprising Italia”

  1. I bought George Hill’s new book at Book-A-Million the other day. After I finish my current book, I’m going to start Uprising: USA.

  2. Sure thing.

  3. I just finished Uprising:USA and posted a review on Amazon under the title “Fun Ride”. I’m starting on Uprising:Italia this weekend.

  4. Zach,

    Where can i get a paperback copy of this book.

  5. omg i just finished both uprising books and NEED to read Uprising:Italia when will it be published in november?

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