Broken World; a military sci-fi with a Native American twist.

Broken World is about a Native American woman living along on a war torn colony world.  When the Oligarchy comes to destroy the colony and take the survivors for slaves, she and a group of students escape the planet with the help of a broken android.  However, the universe isn’t a hospitable place and in order to survive they become smugglers and then mercenaries.  Their ship, the “Crazy Train” is a uniquely lethal design.  Unified as a family, these refugees fight for their place, but wherever they go the shadow of the Oligarchy follows them in the form of the most lethal ship ever created; the Lupus Rex.  If they are to ever find peace they will have to find a way to destroy the enormous Lupus Rex and end the war that has been breaking the galaxy apart. You can find “Broken World” for sale at these venues;


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2 Responses to “Broken World; a military sci-fi with a Native American twist.”

  1. I enjoyed “shattered lands” on my kindle and was hoping this and other works by you would also be on kindle.

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