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  1. Last comment then I’ll leave you alone! 🙂

    How big is Loosing her feather on the road to Dis?

    It’s my favorite, though there are a bunch of close seconds! And yes, I like Victorian Impressionism 🙂

  2. The feather represents her innocence, likewise it the painting with her and the Roman banner. The older one is her as a grown up and is overprotective of what she once was. I’d say the painting is about three feet by one and a half. Something like that. It’s not small.

  3. Oh, and no need to leave me alone!

  4. Oh, Jen, remember that you were the model for “Virginia.”

  5. I love your Double Face Print can you tell me more about it?

    • Double Face Woman is from the Lakota (Sioux)religion. She was the beautiful daughter of a chief and she tried to usurp the position of a goddess by her good looks, so she was cursed to have half her face hideous. She represents disharmony in the social order. She’s friendly to women though and often teaches them quill making and such, but to men she’s not so nice.

  6. While I too like the Victorian Impressionism. My favorite is “We live as we dream. Alone” (though the assasin- the one used as a banner at the top of your pages- is a close second. I like the strength.)
    But this, the dream one, pulls great emotion. I look at he and see this girl trapped in her awake state, realizng it’s he nightmre. Aloneness. Like Purgatory. She fears being along, so has nightmares about it. Thenshe wakes up, only to find, it’s true. She’s alone. This, to me, is like a snap shot at that moment. When she closes her eyes in her desperate realization. It’s bitter sweet and beautiful. ❤ your work.

    • Wow! You…um…you said it much better than I could. Funny, as a writer I lack any kind of poetry. My writing is all very straight forward and simple. My paintings however are very symbolic on many levels and come right from my subconscious. I can’t get the two to meet on friendly terms, my art and my writing. two totally different skill sets from different areas of my brain. I’m glad someone got that painting, its a weird one.

  7. I seen your name in my American Indian College Fund flyer and Google’d your name. Your art is very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your work.

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